Fee structure

The service of the attorney is renumerated by fees. As a basic rule, the number of working hours are charged at an hourly rate depending on:

  • complexity
  • urgency of the matter
  • value of the dispute
  • result achieved
  • experience of the lawyer

Usually an agreement stipulating the fee structure is made upfront:

- Mediation sessions have an hourly rate of €125, to be divided between the parties. (family mediation exempted from VAT)

- The lawyer fee is determined on an hourly rate up from €125 based on the above criteria, exclusive VAT 21%


For the initiation of the case and during the process, provision fees are due. For major cases interim statement and overview are provided on request.


Secretarial costs, such as opening and closing of the file, editing and copying and travel costs are charged at unitary pricing which can be obtained on demand.

Court fees, bailiff fees, the costs of statements will be paid provisionally and are recovered. 

Professional liability

The lawyer, or her associaties, are members of the Bar of Leuven. The Bar of Leuven is a member of the Flemish Bar, with registered office at 1000 Brussels, Koningslaan 148 (www.advocaat.be).

The lawyer is insured for professional liability on the basis of an insurance underwritten at the Bar of Leuven. Under certain circumstances a higher insurance may be concluded by paying an additional premium.


Lawyers are part of a specific profession with its own code of ethics and are bound to different regulations.These documents can be found on the website www.advocaat.be or www.balieleuven.be.

In case of serious issues you can always contact the Chairman of the Bar of Leuven, Courthouse, Smoldersplein 5, 3000 Leuven.

This information is provided in compliance with the articles of the Services Law of 26 March 2010.