Training and Continuous Education

In order to coop with the evolution of the legislation and its procedures, continuous education is essential to any professional in Advocacy.

The exchange of experiences with colleagues and participation in supervision and workshop initiatives are further building blocks for the expertise in mediation.

Legal Training

Actualia family law 

LEPCA - Parental Child Abduction Conference

Aspects of Internationaal Family Law: treaty & Brussels IIbis

International Child Abduction and Human Rigths

Family IPR for lawyers


Individual and Family rigths

Law & practice in Family IPR 

11.10.2014  -  University Hasselt

8-9.05.2014  -  Den Haag


11.12.2014 - Infostrat, Leuven


16.10.2014  -  University Antwerp


18.03.2014 - Kruispunt Migratie-Integratie VZW

06.02.2014 - Themis-KULeuven

14.10.2013 - Gandaius UGent

Family Mediation

Practices in fiscal family matters

Presentation of the book "Een week mama, een week papa?” 

Bijscholing in hechtingsstijlen


13.11.2014 - Forum Mediation Leuven 

13.06.2014 - Hoger Instituut Gezinswetenschappen

07.02.2013 and 31.01.2014  - Mediation Institute Flanders

Internationale Mediation

Missing Children Europe: EU - NIM event

Mediation in the enforcement phase of international family disputes

Education as Cross-Border Meditor

10-11.05.2014  -  Den Haag

21-22.10.2014 - Missing Children Europe - Brussels

03-04.2012  -  Child Focus / MIKK / EU

Coach in Mediation

Vocational training apprentice-laywers 

Training in International Child Abduction Matters for Consuls - Belgian Foreign Affairs Ministery

2013,2014 and 2015 - BUBA Bar Leuven 

19.03.2014  -  Brussels